We invite you to access, read, and use all of the resources created by Education for Peace.

Curriculum and Training

Education for Peace creates free and accessible resources to support the building of peace of around the globe.  

Based on our work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Education for Peace created the Education for Peace Curriculum that supports building a culture of peace in schools.

EFP Curriculum Manual

EFP Curriculum Student Manual 1

EFP Curriculum Student Manual 2

Peace-building Resources for Children and Youth


Through a youth-led process, Education for Peace created a training approach for youth to be leaders in building peace amongst their peers and in their environments. This training approach has included the development of modules specific to being a peace-builder in digital spaces. 

Youth Peacebuilder Network – Mentor Manual [Download English version]

Digital Youth Peacebuilder Network – Student Manual [Download English version]

Education for peace has also developed narrative volumes to help children and youth understand and engage with the challenges of war, violence, and death.  

Mysterious Case of the IWs, by H.B. Danesh, M.D. Illustrated by Katia Breton [Download English version]

The Mysterious Case of the IWs is about one of the most challenging acts of life-death. Death is a multilayered and puzzling event faced by everyone. It happens to the young and old, weak and strong, healthy and afflicted. The book, although written in a language suitable for young readers, is in fact for parents and children, teachers and students, caregivers and patients, and all individuals searching for answers to this final mystery of life. The story can be read to young children, discussed with older ones, presented in classrooms, studied in groups, and portrayed in dramatic and multimedia formats.

Peace Moves, by H.B. Danesh [Downloadable English Version / Downloadable Spanish Version]

Peace Moves is an engaging and absorbing dialogue dealing with the issues and challenges of creating peace that young people experience in their schools, families, communities, nations and, globally. Youth (11 years and older) who have had the opportunity to study Peace Moves through their school’s peace education programs, have found that it has provided them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become peacemakers. And, the world has never been more in need of a new generation of peacemakers as it is now.

Research and Scholarship

The activities of Education for Peace are supported by an extensive and on-going body of research and scholarship produced by experts from across the globe.  This research explores the conceptual foundations for building a culture peace, and evaluates the practical effects of peace-building programs. Some examples include:

Has Conflict Resolution Grown Up: Towards a Development Approach to Conflict Resolution H.B Danesh and R. Danesh

Towards an integrative theory of peace education, H.B. Danesh

Conflict-Free Conflict Resolution: Process and Method, H.B. Danesh and R. Danesh

Transforming Worldviews: The Case of Education for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, S. Clarke-Habibi

Unity-Based Peace Education, H.B. Danesh

Youth and Peacebuilding, R. Danesh